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      Walking with CCP towards a Great Dream Journey Futong Information Joyously Participates the 101st Anniversary Theatrical Performance for the Founding of CPC
           Releasing time:2022-07-20

      On the eve of the seventh night of July, Walking with CCP towards a Great Dream Journey-the 101st Anniversary Theatrical Performance in celebration of the founding of CPC is held at corporate theater in Gaoxin district. Tianjin Party Committee & Building Working Department hosts this activity. The “Two New” organization party committee selects and delivers the choral work Azalea which strikes the chord among leaders and grass-roots representatives at the Gaoxin district level.

      Azalea has short, exquisite and simple lyrics to understand, long meaning to fathom over and full of emotion to fill with. When people are plunged into an abyss of suffering, they expect for the dawn; when people are in the chilly winter, they expect for the spring breeze. Only if the maintains are blossomed with azaleas, the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army will come.

      The whole performance eulogizes the brilliant achievement created since the founding of CPC, renders the love for CPC & country and expresses the blessings for the great CPC & country. We will unswervingly walk with CPC, one-minded construct the China Dream, gather strength to propel the development and set for the journey with spirit soaring aloft.

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